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We have one of the most amazing teams of therapists around. Each team member has some very unique specializations as well  This is the reason that we are able to offer such a diverse services. 

Take a look at our team member basic bio's and learn about their journies into the field of Therapy and what drives them. Discover more about their diverse trainings, services and specialties, we invite you read their full bio's as well.

Learn About Us

Dana Lee


Dana is the proud owner of Therapeutic Massage in Downtown Waynesville. She is a native of Haywood County, NC and loves these beautiful mountains. She has been practicing for over fourteen years and truly enjoys the career path she chose. She specializes in  bodywalking, deep tissue, warm river and salt stone massage which improve flexibility and relieve pain.  With lymphatic and Swedish massage, and  Luxury spa treatments she can provide a relaxing mind and body nourishing experience. Earning a diploma in Aromatherapy and the correct use of high quality essential oils, have given her the tools to provide a truly therapeutic experience for her clientele. As you can see, Dana holds the art of Massage and helping people very close to her heart!

Kim Forman


Kim received her training at the Oregon School of Massage, where she discovered the joy of witnessing the transformation of her clients from tired, tense, and full of stress, to relaxed, centered, and exuberant. Creating a deeply tranquil experience, educating clients on self-care, and adapting to her clients' needs are integral aspects of her work.
Her eight years of experience have spanned spa and clinical environments, personal practice, and massage education. Using a blend of deep tissue, Swedish, and Thai massage (as well as special treatments with hot stones or heated bamboo), she offers a desperately needed, well-deserved retreat from your hectic schedule into a mental and physical bliss.

Dana Moats


Dana graduated in 2012 from Haywood Community College with an Associates Degree in Therapeutic Massage. She was introduced to the many benefits of massage after a diagnosis of degenerative disk disease at the age of 17. Experiencing relief from personal pain, Dana set forth knowing she wanted to share the power of healing touch with a career in therapeutic massage. Providing the benefits of massage to others who are in need is her passion. Dana specializes in Swedish Massage techniques, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone massage. She tailors each session based on the clients needs to ensure a unique and effective relaxing mind and body experience.

Stephanie Roat


My journey in massage came when I was called into it by something greater than myself. Following this call to massage school, I discovered my true place in the world doing what fed my soul--helping people by easing the pain of everyday life. Using massage to make individuals feel better by Touch means the world to me and I want to share my gift with you. Come take a leap of faith and experience the flowing and relaxing techniques of Swedish work in which I specialize.

Rhonda DeWolff


Originally from Mt. Pleasant, SC, I earned my diploma in Professional Clinical Massage Therapy from the Southeastern Institute in Charleston, SC in 2013. As a client of massage for over ten years, I experienced the many benefits of massage and longed to help others feel the same relief. Believing in the mind, body, spirit connection while feeling led to help others, massage therapy became my calling. In the past six years, I have practiced in the spa industry,  clinical environments as well as in personal practice. Although my specialty is neuromuscular therapy, I may use a blend of other modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy,  Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, and Reflexology to meet a clients specific needs and goals.  

Katlin Schantz


Katlin is a mother of three girls and is a spontaneous hiker and avid backpacker. She graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2016 with knowledge of therapeutic and deep tissue massage, trigger and tender pointing. She is continuing her education in